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The main force of cosmetics and daily chemical products equipment — Vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine

Emulsifying machine is still unfamiliar to many people who use cosmetics; But it must be familiar to those engaged in the cosmetics production industry. As the production of cosmetics and daily chemical products, vacuum homogenization emulsifying machine is the main force of the whole production line, and it is also one of the core equipment of the whole production line. Today we will talk about the things behind the main force.

TopSail vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine is a new emulsifying mechanical equipment jointly developed by German engineers and Chinese engineers. In the vacuum state, the high shear emulsifier is used to quickly and evenly distribute one or more phases to another continuous phase. The strong power brought by machinery is that the material bears hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shear per minute in the narrow gap between the stator and rotor.

TopSail vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine

Centrifugal impact, extrusion, tearing and other comprehensive effects can instantly and evenly disperse the emulsification. The homogeneous structure of German technology adopts the imported double face mechanical seal effect, and the maximum emulsification speed can reach 4200 rpm, and the maximum shear fineness can reach 0.2-5um; After high-frequency cycling, we finally get bubble free, delicate and stable high-quality products.