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Pay attention to these points of the emulsifying machine, and it will be OK to use it for 20 years

Emulsifying machine plays an important role in the production line of cream cosmetics, and the machine is more complex than other equipment. Therefore, in order to make the emulsifying machine operate well, daily operation and maintenance also need special attention.

Points needing attention of vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine:

1. Due to the extremely high speed of the homogeneous cutting head, it is not allowed to operate in the empty pot state, so as to avoid affecting the sealing degree after local heating.

2. The homogenizer of the vacuum emulsifying machine is reversed from top to bottom. After the motor is wired or does not need to be used again for a long time, it should be jogged for trial rotation. The rotation of the mixing frame is reversed from top to bottom, and the rotation of the mixing blade is clockwise from top to bottom.

3. Homogenization cutting and scraper mixing of vacuum emulsifying machine: after feeding (water can be used to replace it during commissioning), turn on the corresponding control switches respectively to control the operation of homogenizer and scraper mixing.

4. Pay attention to keep the homogenizer clean in the vacuum emulsifying machine. If the use is stopped or the materials need to be replaced, the parts of the homogenizer in contact with the working fluid should be cleaned as required, especially the cutting sleeve of the cutting wheel on its head, the sliding bearing and the shaft sleeve in the homogenization shaft sleeve. After cleaning and reassembly, the hand rotating impeller should be free of stagnation. After the two flanges of the pot body and the pot cover are relatively fixed, the inching homogenizer motor should turn correctly, and it can start operation only if there are no other abnormalities.

5. During commissioning, jog the mixing and test run first, and then let the homogenizer run when it is confirmed to be correct.

[TopSail vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine]

TopSail vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine, under the vacuum state, uses the high shear emulsifying device to quickly and evenly distribute one phase or multiple phases to another continuous phase, and uses the strong power brought by machinery to make the material bear hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shears per minute in the narrow gap between the stator and rotor. Centrifugal impact, extrusion and tearing can instantly and evenly disperse the emulsification. The homogeneous structure of German technology adopts the imported double face mechanical seal effect, and the emulsification speed can reach 4200 rpm, and the shear fineness can reach 0.2-5um; After high-frequency cycling, we get bubble free, delicate and stable.

Emulsifying machine plays an important role in the cosmetics production line, so it needs to be careful when choosing and careful maintenance when operating. In this case, it is no problem to use it for more than ten years.