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What factors affect the price of daily chemical emulsifying equipment?

1. The process is different, and the selected functional modules are different

The vacuum emulsifying machine is used to shear and stir the liquid and powder at high speed through the high shear homogenizer in the emulsifying tank, so that the materials are evenly dispersed and fused together. When choosing the vacuum emulsifying machine, the functional modules of the vacuum emulsifying machine can be selected flexibly according to different processes, so there will be great differences in price. For example, customers can choose the lifting function according to the process and workshop height; Materials contain organic solvents such as alcohol, etc., and explosion-proof systems need to be installed; In terms of temperature control, you can choose electric heating, steam heating, or another external mold temperature machine, water cooler, etc. On the basis of the same functional modules, the new circulating vacuum emulsifying machine developed by Tongsai adopts the cutting-edge emulsifying technology, which can improve the production efficiency, reduce the operation energy consumption and raw material consumption, and greatly improve the service life of the system. Obvious advantages in many aspects, so the price of high-end circulating emulsifying machine naturally increases.

Tongsai emulsifying machine

2. Different configurations are selected

Vacuum emulsifying machine is generally composed of emulsifying tank, oil tank, water tank, vacuum system, hydraulic system, electrical control, safety system, control system and other parts. It mainly includes stainless steel parts, pipes, vacuum pumps, hydraulic or electric lifts, valve fittings, seals, scrapers, transmission bearings, frequency converters, reducers, motors, electrical control methods, time relays, temperature controllers, etc… according to different styles, types and production processes, the configuration components of the vacuum emulsifying machine are also different. For example, whether the material is stainless steel 304 or 316L; Whether to adopt the upper homogenization method or the lower homogenization method; Whether domestic brands or imported brands are used for all parts; Whether the control mode is button control or touch screen PLC control; The overall price of the system will naturally vary with the type and configuration of the system selected.

3. Influence of raw material market price

Vacuum emulsifying machine is a complex multi-component assembly equipment, so its price is also affected by the supply price of upstream parts market.