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Vacuum emulsifier

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As the name implies, vacuum emulsification refers to the materials rapidly and evenly distribute a phase or multi- phase to another continuous phase in the vacuum status. It lets the materials bear thousands of hydraulic shear in a minute in the narrow gap between the stator and rotor by using the strong kinetic energy from the machine. The impact and tear by centrifugal extrusion, turbulence and other comprehensive functions divide the emulsification evenly in a short time, after passing the high-frequency circular go and return, finally obtain the fine and steady high quality products without bubbles.


On the basis of the URS and other described documents with the similar technology, we can carry out the design of technical flow chart PFD, which includes the operations of production technology, capacity calculation, unit and others; After the PFD is completed, we will design the PID drawing to carry out more detailed description of the technology, instrument and public engineering; at the same time, the technical specifications of the technical equipments and public equipments in the technical production system. In the meanwhile, we will carry out the repeated audit to guarantee the designs are accorded with the URS requirements of the customers in the whole technical design process.