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How does the water treatment equipment achieve the effect of descaling?

Any substance has its own inherent frequency. Scale belongs to inorganic salts. Generally, the equipment shell is made of metal materials. However, the oscillation frequency of scale and metal materials is different. The high-frequency oscillation wave released by slgp electronic water treatment instrument resonates with the scale attached to the surface of metal materials, that is, breaking and stripping, circulating from the surface to the inside, so as to achieve the effect of descaling.

Tongsai water treatment equipment

Water treatment equipment includes:

1. Booster pump

Constant system water supply pressure and stable water supply.

2. Quartz sand filter

Using high-quality quartz sand, the main purpose is to remove the sediment, rust, colloidal substances, suspended solids and other substances with particles above 20um contained in the raw water.

3. Activated carbon filter

The system adopts high-quality coconut shell activated carbon filter, which can absorb the peculiar smell in the water.

4. Ion softener

Remove hardness and reduce pH.

5. Scale inhibitor

Effectively destroy the growth of inorganic salt crystals, slow down the growth rate of crystals and reduce the formation of dirt.

6. Precision filter

The precision filter is used to remove the residual suspended solids, non curved particles, colloids and other substances in the influent water, making the operation of RO system and other subsequent equipment safer and more reliable. The filter element is a 5um melt blown filter element, which aims to prevent the superior filter unit from removing impurities larger than 5um. Prevent entering the reverse osmosis device to damage the surface of the membrane, thereby damaging the desalination performance of the membrane.

7. Reverse osmosis system

The reverse osmosis device uses enough pressure to separate the solvent (generally water) in the solution through the reverse osmosis membrane (or semi permeable membrane). Because this process is opposite to the direction of natural osmosis, it is called reverse osmosis. It can effectively remove impurities such as dissolved salts, colloids, bacteria, viruses, bacterial endotoxins and most organic substances in water.

8. Ultraviolet sterilizer

Completely kill bacteria and ensure the hygienic index of finished water

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