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Knowledge of toothpaste production

Brushing your teeth in the morning and evening has become a good habit for modern people. We have to contact toothpaste every day. But do you know how toothpaste is produced?

TopSailtakes you into the toothpaste production factory

The equipment required in turn are:

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment

Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier

Filling and labeling machine

Among them, the vacuum homogeneous emulsification is very important in the reproduction process. The paste form of toothpaste is completed by this machine. Different raw materials are added to the vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine. The high shear emulsifier is used to quickly and uniformly distribute one or more phases to another continuous phase. The strong power brought by the machine is used to make the materials bear hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shear per minute in the narrow gap between the stator and the rotor. Centrifugal impact, extrusion, tearing and other comprehensive effects, instantly and uniformly disperse and emulsify, and finally reach the paste product with uniform texture.

TopSail vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine is a new type of emulsifying machinery jointly developed by German engineers and Chinese engineers., The homogeneous structure of German technology adopts imported double end mechanical sealing effect, the maximum emulsifying speed can reach 4200 rpm, and the maximum shear fineness can reach 0.2-5um;

TopSail vacuum homogenizing emulsifier

TopSail is a mechanical equipment supplier integrating production line scheme design, equipment manufacturing, installation, maintenance and upgrading. It has various kinds of daily chemical manufacturing equipment and can provide one-stop production line service.