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Overview of cream and lotion process

Cream and lotion products can be seen everywhere in our life. Cleaning products, food and medicine are all involved. Do you know how they are produced in such a wide range of product categories? Let’s take a look at the core process of these products.

Cream and lotion process flow

This core process can be completed by only one [TopSail] vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine.

The vacuum homogenization emulsifying machine automatically sucks the raw materials in the water and oil pots to the main pot by using the vacuum pressure difference. The high shear emulsifying machine quickly and evenly distributes one or more phases to another continuous phase. The strong power brought by the machinery enables the materials to withstand hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shear per minute in the narrow gap between the stator and rotor. Centrifugal impact, extrusion, tearing and other comprehensive effects, instantly and uniformly disperse and emulsify.

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