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Why should the emulsifier equipment for making cosmetics be vacuum?

Emulsifying machine is an important production equipment in daily chemical production. In the process of cosmetics production, we usually choose vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine with vacuum pumping. Do you know why? Because vacuum plays these three roles in the emulsification process:

Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier

1, Negative pressure suction: the emulsifying machine is divided into three pots, one is the main pot for mixing and homogenization, and the other two auxiliary pots, one is the water phase pot and the other is the oil phase pot, which are used to store the raw materials required for emulsification. The main pot forms negative pressure under the action of vacuum, and will automatically absorb the raw materials in the water phase pot and the oil phase pot to the main pot for homogenization and emulsification.

2, In the case of vacuum and negative pressure, the oxidation atmosphere of the air in the boiler is reduced, which is conducive to protecting the material from being oxidized faster; After the raw materials are oxidized, the color will change and affect the appearance. At the same time, the oxidation will also affect the product performance. The longer the oxidation time, the greater the impact.

The third is to prevent the generation of bubbles in the material body, and help reduce the “ugly” bubbles in the material body and the surface, so as to improve the beauty of the material body. The air contains various gases, which will increase the contact with the air during the emulsification process. The gases with different densities are easily mixed into the products being emulsified during mixing.