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Escort the cosmetics production line and come to an emulsifying machine maintenance

Emulsifying machine is an indispensable equipment in the production of creams, creams, honey and cosmetics. It plays an important role in the daily chemical industry. Almost every cosmetics factory can not lack a homogeneous emulsifying machine. If the machine fails, the whole production line will be paralyzed. Therefore, to ensure the normal daily operation of the production line, the daily maintenance of the emulsifying machine still needs to be applied to the actual operation.

Do a good job in cleaning the emulsifying machine. If the mechanical equipment is not cleaned for a long time, the accumulation of dirt and dust will have an impact on the internal circuit of the machine, and it is easy to cause equipment short circuit and other problems in the past. The electric control components shall be particularly careful. It is better to conduct ventilation and heat dissipation treatment, and regularly clean the ash layer and other dirty things. However, it is prohibited to contact with liquid and other substances to prevent short circuit and fire.

The safety valve shall be inspected regularly to prevent the valve from being stuck and stuck. The drain valve shall be inspected regularly to prevent sundries from blocking.

During the use of the vacuum system, especially the water ring vacuum pump, the main rotor may be stuck due to rust or sundries, which may cause the motor to burn. Therefore, check whether there is locked rotor during daily maintenance; The water ring system shall be unblocked. When starting the vacuum pump during use, if the vacuum pump is blocked, stop the vacuum pump immediately and start it again after cleaning the vacuum pump.

There are many seals in the chemical machinery. The dynamic and static rings of the mechanical seal shall be replaced regularly. The cycle depends on the frequency of equipment use. The cooling system of the double end mechanical seal shall be inspected frequently to avoid the mechanical seal being burnt out due to cooling failure; The skeleton seal shall be made of suitable materials according to the characteristics of materials, and shall be replaced regularly according to the maintenance manual during use.

If there is any abnormality, instrument does not display or abnormal sound in the process of reusing the equipment, stop the machine immediately to check the problem and ensure that the problem is eliminated before production.

The daily maintenance of machinery is not only the protection of the safety production line, but also an insurance measure for the safety of workers. Safety is no trivial matter. Eliminating all potential safety hazards is the premise of normal production.