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How to purchase vacuum emulsifying machine?

For the procurement of emulsifying machine, many people often think that the selection is the first step, but in fact, before the selection, they often need to do some “confidant” work. Although the emulsifier manufacturer will have professional technicians to help with the selection, in order to ensure accurate selection, it is best to be very familiar with the products produced and some special production requirements, and feed them back to the general competition staff of the emulsifier manufacturer to avoid the trouble of rework in the later stage. So what do you need to know?

Vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine


1. Space size of production site

Generally speaking, the size of the site directly determines the upper limit of production. The mobilization of emulsifying machines and supporting production lines and other machines requires a suitable space and site, and needs to be laid out in advance. These factors need to be taken into account when building the plant, especially the height of the plant, because large hydraulic lifting emulsifying machines often need a certain height when the pot cover is raised to the highest height. For example, for an emulsifying machine with a processing capacity of 500 kg, the maximum hydraulic pressure rise is 4.56 meters, and the floor area length and width is 3.65 meters * 3.4 meters. Therefore, if the workshop needs to enter such large-scale emulsifying equipment, these must be taken into account when planning the layout of the workshop. According to the size and output requirements of the plant, the approximate specification can be well calculated.

2. Product attributes and process requirements

The attributes of products correspond to different industries in a wide range, such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc. But in terms of the particularity of each product, the attributes of the product are very different. For example, the physical or chemical properties of the product, such as viscosity, corrosivity, pH, etc. Technological requirements, such as particle size requirements, temperature requirements, dispersion requirements, etc. If these data and requirements are fed back to the sales engineer of Tongsai of the emulsifier manufacturer, an effective reply can be obtained, which improves the communication efficiency of both parties. According to these data, the function, structure and auxiliary equipment of the emulsifying machine can also be quickly determined.

3. Special needs

During the production of some products, there will be some special needs due to the properties of the products or the needs of the process, such as the need for pressure vessel emulsifying machine, or the need for explosion-proof emulsifying machine, and some foreign end customers may need some special standard emulsifying machines. These need to be communicated clearly before the order is confirmed.

Mastering the above points, we can basically make an accurate selection of emulsifying machine equipment. Choosing the right type of vacuum emulsifying machine can make the production process more smooth, deal with materials more thoroughly, and create better conditions for subsequent processes.