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Detailed explanation of toothpaste production process

Toothpaste is a daily cleaning product in our life. We need to clean our teeth with toothpaste every day, so toothpaste is a daily necessity for us. The production of toothpaste uses Tongsai vacuum emulsifying machine to stir and mix raw materials. Vacuum emulsifying machine is to shear, disperse and impact materials in a vacuum state. Through the operation of the material will become delicate, integrated. Vacuum is a particularly critical step in the process of making toothpaste. If the vacuum emulsifying machine fails to meet the vacuum requirements in the production process, the toothpaste produced will contain bubbles. The vacuum emulsifying machine allows the materials to be dispersed and emulsified in a vacuum state instantly and evenly, and no bubbles will be mixed in the production mixing process.

The production process of toothpaste is divided into two kinds: two-step paste and one-step paste. The two-step paste making method refers to that the basic materials are first sent to the vacuum emulsifying machine, then the formula materials are added in turn, and then the friction agent, foaming agent and other solid materials are added for mixing and homogenization. Finally, put the essence into the degassing process.

The one-step paste making method refers to the preparation of oil phase, water phase and solid phase according to the formula premixed first, and then add the water phase and oil phase in turn with the pipeline conveying system. After mixing and homogenizing, add the powder, stir and homogenize again, add the essence, and homogenize for several minutes before the paste making is completed. Another kind of one-step paste making method is called dry method. One-step paste making refers to dividing the raw materials into liquid materials, powder materials and spices. First, the liquid materials are sent to the vacuum emulsifying machine, then the powder materials are added, degassed and homogenized, then the spices are added, and degassed again.

Toothpaste is a product that directly enters the mouth of human body, so bacterial pollution cannot occur. Therefore, the toothpaste production equipment should have no dead corners, and the interior should be smooth and stable without residues. The equipment should be kept clean, disinfected and cleaned regularly during use.

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