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Maintenance and repair skills of vacuum emulsifying machine

The vacuum emulsifying machine is generally made of stainless steel. Generally, large professional factories will use 304 or 316 stainless steel, while some small factories will use carbon steel to reduce production costs. Generally speaking, it is not easy to choose high-quality 304 or 316 stainless steel materials according to the different corrosivity of materials. However, long-term use still requires users to learn some maintenance skills.

Topsail emulsifying machine

1. When it is necessary to remove the stirring paddle, baffle, homogenizer and other components in the vacuum emulsification tank, it is recommended to loosen the main bolts and nuts, and lift the lid of the emulsification machine to disassemble one by one.

2. The upper part of the mixer of the vacuum emulsifying machine is generally reserved with an oil injection hole, which can be used to inject grease into the bearing when the equipment is stopped. This oil injection hole can be used only after the pressure is removed from the kettle. Each time, 30-50c. C can be injected with a syringe.

3. Before disassembly and assembly, the materials in the emulsion tank shall be cleaned and the tank shall be cleaned.

4. When overhauling the agitator system in the emulsification tank, it is not necessary to open the lid of the emulsification machine, only to loosen the nut connected with the lid, then lift the driver and remove the screw connected with the stainless steel inside, so that the lower mixing shaft will still be placed in the emulsification tank.

5. During the whole maintenance process, it is forbidden to knock various parts in the tank of the vacuum emulsifying machine with a hammer or a heavy object to avoid affecting the installation accuracy.