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Troubleshooting of vacuum emulsification machine

Machine and equipment failure is a problem that every factory talks about, but it is inevitable that the failure occurs in the operation of the machine. When some common problems occur in the vacuum emulsification machine, how do we troubleshoot them?


Troubleshooting of vacuum emulsification machine:

1. Check whether the vacuum pipe is sealed and whether the sealing ring leaks;

2. Whether the vacuum valve is open, whether the vacuum pump is filled with oil or whether the vacuum pump tank is filled with water, and whether the rotation direction of the vacuum pump is correct;

3. Whether the power supply is normal, whether there is local leakage in the power line, whether the motor blades operate normally, and whether the motor fails;

4. Check whether the homogenizing head is normal, whether there is foreign matter blocking the homogenizing head, whether the relay of the electric control cabinet jumps out, and whether the limit switch is released;

5. Check whether the mixing slurry is eccentric and whether the scraper is seriously worn;

6. Check whether the scraping panel is stuck by foreign matters and cannot rotate flexibly.