The characteristics of a, cosmetics production equipment

In addition to a few large multinational companies, for most of the domestic cosmetics production enterprises, the production of cosmetics is typical of the many varieties of small lot production way, mostly by hand and intermittent partial filling in the form of the amount of each batch from several kilograms to tons, used for all kinds of production equipment, general is suitable for small batch production of small equipment. For large enterprises, of course, you will need to apply to modernization of large-scale production of semi-automatic or fully automatic high efficiency equipment. It USES most of the devices are made of stainless steel materials.

Production equipment should comply with the conditions of cosmetics, to adapt to the characteristics of small batch and many varieties of production; Can meet the requirements of health and safety, equipment must be easy to remove the clean, not easy contaminated.

The characteristics of the two, cosmetics production process

Cosmetics production process can be classified according to the unit operation, crushing, grinding, powder products mixing, emulsifying and dispersing, separation and classification, material transport, heating and cooling, the sterilization and disinfection, product molding and packaging and container cleaning, etc. In general, each kind of cosmetics production need after more than two unit operations, and its required equipment, along with the production and operation needs to determine its size and specifications.