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Those mechanical equipment in the production process of brand skin care products

Price will always be an important factor for us to choose a product, and it is often the direct reason for us to buy the only product among different products. Pursuing cost performance has become an art in life and work. Today, TopSail Automation will take you to work together to make a good account, and show you what is the real high cost performance vacuum homogenizing emulsion machine.

How to select a vacuum homogenizing emulsifier? Instead of pursuing the lowest price, China’s industry is undergoing reform. The dividend of the era of low quality and low cost has passed. China is facing a qualitative transformation, which is directly caused by the change of modern people’s consumption concept. You can find this change by looking at the attitude of people around you towards the quality of products.

TopSail Automatic Vacuum Homogenization Emulsifier

So we are in this attitude towards products, and how to choose the vacuum homogenizing emulsification machine, which is used to manufacture cosmetics equipment?

Only a good machine can produce a good product. [TopSail Automation] Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer. In vacuum state, a high shear emulsifier is used to quickly and evenly distribute one or more phases to another continuous phase. The strong power brought by machinery is that materials can withstand hundreds of thousands of times of hydraulic shear every minute in the narrow gap between the stator and rotor. Centrifugal impact, extrusion, tear and other comprehensive effects can instantly and evenly disperse emulsification. The homogeneous structure of German technology adopts imported double end mechanical seal effect, with the highest emulsification speed of 4200 rpm and the highest shear fineness of 0.2-5um; After high-frequency cycle, we finally get high-quality products without bubbles, delicate and stable.

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The stability of a good machine will give you more security in production. The problem of production stoppage caused by machinery and equipment has been a headache for many manufacturers, which not only affects the construction period, but also may even lead to scrapping because no solution can be found all the time, so it is necessary to purchase equipment and cause secondary waste. The cheaper the product is, the cheaper the goods are. All the production parts used in the product are low-priced parts that have been packaged. This performance is only a flash in the pan and cannot stand the test of time.