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Summer is coming. There is a great demand for sunscreen. The emulsifying machine in the factory can’t stop

The continuous rainy weather in Guangzhou has finally ended. The sun expected on April 30, 2022 seems to be much hotter than imagined. This should be the step of summer. Summer is coming, and the production of sunscreen is in great demand. The emulsifying machine in the factory should not stop.

sunscreen cream

The emulsifying machine is an important equipment for the production of cosmetic cream products. It plays a role of stirring, dispersing and homogenizing in the production process. Through the high rotation speed of the stator and rotor, several incompatible raw materials are fused to achieve uniform and fine milk and cream products.

When the production demand is large, many emulsifying machines will be shut down due to a series of problems caused by overload work. This is undoubtedly a very big loss in the summer when the product demand is large, not only the maintenance loss, but also a large number of orders flying out due to shutdown. How to avoid this problem?

TopSail vacuum homogenizing emulsifier

To avoid this problem, we must find the root of the problem. The problem lies in the production equipment, so we should be careful when buying the equipment. Many people may not make a good choice when they just enter the cosmetics production industry. TopSail vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine is a new type of emulsifying machinery jointly developed by German engineers and Chinese engineers. Under the vacuum state, one or more phases are rapidly and uniformly distributed to another continuous phase by using the high shear emulsifier, and the strong power brought by the machinery is used to make the material bear hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shear per minute in the narrow gap between the stator and rotor. Centrifugal impact, extrusion, tearing and other comprehensive effects, instantly and evenly disperse emulsions. The homogeneous structure of German technology adopts imported double end mechanical sealing effect, the maximum emulsification speed can reach 4200 rpm, and the maximum shear fineness can reach 0.2-5um; After high-frequency cycling, we finally get high-quality products without bubbles, delicate and stable.

The emulsifying machine is an important equipment in the production of daily chemical products. In order to ensure the daily normal production of the emulsifying machine, it is necessary to carefully select the emulsifying machine. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to operating according to the specifications in the process of use. Only in this way can the production safety be guaranteed to the greatest extent. At the same time, the high temperature in summer will also generate heat for the colleagues working on the mechanical equipment, so it can not be “heatstroke”.