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Automatic liquid paste and shampoo filling machine

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The fully automatic filling is servo motor detergent filling line that is designed to fill bottles and jars with products of various viscosity, ranging from water thin liquids to thick creams. They are used in the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, oil and specialty industries. These inline piston filling machines come complete with: two to twelve fill heads, a variable speed drive conveyor, adjustable heavy duty stainless steel frame, an easy to operate control panel.


Main Features
1. The flow control devices of each filling head are independent of each other, precision adjustment is very convenient.
2. The material of the machine material contact part can use the food grade material according to the products feature, in line with the GMP standard.
3. With regular filling, no bottle no filling, filling quantity/production counting function etc features.
4. Convenient maintenance,no need any special tools.
5. Using drip tight filling head, no leaking.

Material Sources Of Parts
80% of the main parts of our products are provided by world’s famous suppliers. During long-term cooperation and exchange with
them, we have accumulated much valuable experience, so that we can provide customers with high quality products and more effective


Qty of filling head
4~14 head.
Filling capacity
Filling speed
About 6~8 bottles/min 400ML BOTTLE
Filling accuracy
stainless steel 304
Program controller
Touch panel screen PLC
Air pressure
0.6 mpa
Capacity of material tank
Protective device
Outage alarm on shortage of liquid in the reservoirtank.