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Emulsifier manufacturer’s data – how to carry out daily inspection and maintenance of vacuum homogenizing emulsifier

How to carry out daily inspection and maintenance of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier, the emulsifier manufacturer TopSail Automation will answer for you.

Emulsifier manufacturer

1. The surrounding of the machine shall be cleaned at any time. There shall be no sewage or materials on the floor. The wastes formed in the production process shall be concentrated and treated quickly.

2. Check the mixing slurry, cylinder scraper and homogeneous filter components and adjust and tighten them.

3. Check whether the heating tube and thermometer are excellent and fasten the wire terminal.

4. Check the water and oil circuits for oil leakage, and tighten them if necessary.

5. Check whether the connecting fasteners of the machine are loose, adjust and tighten.

6. Add lubricating oil and guide oil periodically.

7. Check, clean and maintain the motor and decelerate and add differential decelerating oil.

8. Tidy up the circuit and electric control box and clean and maintain them. Check the electrical components in the box.

9. Test the insulation between line and motor to ground.

10. Make records of each equipment maintenance.