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How much do you know about the development process of vacuum homogenization emulsification machines?

Vacuum homogenizing emulsification machine is a highly distinctive equipment in daily chemical production lines, widely used. Many products in our daily life are closely related to it. How much do you know about the development process of such a widely used mechanical equipment?


Emulsification machine

The vacuum homogenizing emulsification machine is mainly applicable to cosmetics, food, chemical industry, medicine, and other industries. It homogenizes, emulsifies, and stirs cream materials in a vacuum state to obtain high-quality products, such as toothpaste, shampoo, face cream, and high-end lotion essence that can be used in life.

The vacuum homogenizing emulsification machine has a history of over fifty years since its production in Germany. The earliest ones were materials and plastic explosives used in emulsified dentistry. Subsequently, the skills of vacuum emulsification machines were greatly promoted and improved in the United States and Japan. After nearly half a century of development, improvement, and progress, vacuum emulsifying machines have developed into multiple scales, varieties, and systems. Today, there are more than 20 series of products.


TopSail vacuum homogenizing emulsification machine

TopSail has been producing and developing daily chemical equipment for thirty years, with rich experience and quality assurance. Its main product is the vacuum homogenization emulsification machine series, which has a series of emulsification machines required by different industries. The production and installation of emulsification machines can be customized according to actual situations. Combined with German homogenization structure technology and vacuum sealing system, the production efficiency of emulsification machines has been greatly improved, becoming the star emulsification machine brand selected by Wanqianli Chemical Factory.