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RO Water treatment system

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Reverse osmosis technology is a modern high-tech developed in China in recent years. Reverse osmosis is to apply a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure to the solution to make water pass through a special semi-permeable membrane and separate it from the solution. Because this process is the opposite of osmosis, it is called reverse osmosis. According to the different osmotic pressure of various materials, it is possible to use a reverse osmosis method greater than the osmotic pressure for a certain solution to achieve the purpose of separating, extracting, purifying and concentrating the solution. The reverse osmosis device mainly separates the ion range in the solution. It does not require heating and has no phase change process, so it consumes less energy than traditional methods.


 Performance and characteristics

♦The reverse osmosis device is small in size, easy to operate, and has a wide application range;
♦Use reverse osmosis device to treat industrial water without consuming a lot of acid and alkali, without secondary pollution, and its operating cost is relatively low
♦ Reverse osmosis desalination rate ≥99%, the whole machine desalination rate ≥97%, can effectively remove 98% of organic matter, colloids, bacteria, etc .;
♦ Good conductivity of produced water, first stage is ≤10μS / cm, second stage is about 2-3μs / cm, EDI≤0.5μs / cm (raw water≤300μs / cm)
♦ High degree of automation of operation, no manual care required, automatic shutdown when full of water, automatic start-up when there is no water, automatic flushing of pre-feeding material by air, IC microcomputer controller automatically flushes reverse osmosis membrane, and the conductivity of raw water and pure water can be displayed online;
♦ More than 90% of imported parts.
 Application area:
Water for electronics industry: washing water for electronic components such as integrated circuits, silicon wafers, display tubes
Water for the pharmaceutical industry: large infusions, injections, tablets, biochemicals, equipment cleaning, etc.
Chemical industry process water: chemical circulating water, chemical product manufacturing, etc.
Boiler make-up water in the power industry: thermal power generation boilers, power plants in mines
Food industry water: drinking pure water, beverages, beer, liquor, health products, etc.
Desalination of seawater and brackish water: islands, ships, offshore drilling platforms, brackish water areas
Drinking pure water: real estate, community, enterprises and institutions, etc.
Other process water: automotive, home appliance coating, coated glass, cosmetics, fine chemicals, etc.


 CG-RO Reverse osmosis water treatment
Technical Parameters
Model Water production(T/H) Electric power(KW) Power Recovery rate(%) Recovery First-stage effluent conductivity            (μs/cm)  Secondary effluent conductivity     (μs/cm)  EDI grade effluent conductivity    (μs/cm)  Conductivity of raw water          (μs/cm)
RO-500 0.5 0.75 55-75 ≤10 2-3 ≤0.5 ≤300
RO-1000 1 2.2 55-75
RO-2000 2 4 55-75
RO-3000 3 5.5 55-75
RO-5000 5 7.5 55-75
RO-6000 6 7.5 55-75
RO-10000 10 11 55-75
RO-20000 20 55-75